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Hello, I'm Shneor Crombie

London based serial startups entrepreneur, product specialist, technology team builder, user experience perfectionist and strategist advisor.

UI/UX & Product Strategy

With many years of product experience, I'll help you define the product's target users, establish the product's vision and write the product strategy and goals. From there, we will develop the product identity, design the user interface, create the user experience and implement all of it in a product development roadmap with clarity for the engineering team.

Digital Transformation

For companies seeking to transform their legacy business into the digital era,  my unique out-of-the-box view and my Digital Transformation qualification (From London Business School University) will help you identify, design and drive the required transformation together with your team.

Consulting / NED Director

Some startups or investors require less "hands-on" help but the advice of an experienced person. After years of managing the businesses, I'll provide you with a sharp, honest and enlightening guide that will power up your strategic thinking and decisions and provide an expert perspective to the board.

Executive Mentorship

To become a great manager requires a lot of knowledge, discipline and experience. I'll co-pilot you from the shadows to help you become an outstanding team leader and effective executive, from the challenging moment of taking a crucial decision to the day-to-day practice of motivating your team to achieve high goals.

Shneor Crombie

About me

I'm Shneor Crombie, I started my first business at the age of 11, and since then, I have continuously founded and driven ventures and business. I have a natural talent in assemble and conduct projects of many types with a focus on technology products.

I am a husband in love to an incredible wife, and together we're parents to four beautiful kids. We love to travel and explore countries and nature.

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